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You may already take cannabidiol (CBD) yourself for the health benefits, but did you know that your pet can take CBD supplements too? CBD can benefit your pets in many of the same ways the it helps us humans. We have a selection of CBD pet treats that are made with the special care and quality ingredients that your pet is sure to love.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I give my pet a CBD treat?”. The answer is simple: CBD will benefit your pet in many different ways. Like us, your animal has an endocannabinoid system that benefits from CBD. Maybe your pet has anxiety and whines a lot while you are away, or maybe your pet has a lot of pain due to arthritis… whatever the symptom, CBD has been known to help treat.

When giving your pet one of CBD Zone’s CBD pet treats, dosage may need some time to be discovered at first. Start with one treat and make sure to keep an eye on your pet. Our CBD treats have a calming effect, and depending on the size of your furry friend the dosage may vary. Once your pet is on the right dosage, you may notice a generally calm demeanor…especially in pets who suffer from separation anxiety. If you feel your pet is not on the right dosage feel free to increase, decrease, or repeat to find the right dose.

CBD Zone’s CBD Pet Treats are made with superior ingredients in the United States of America. We also test all our products here, ensuring the highest quality CBD possible. Hemp-derived CBD is safe and nontoxic for consumption in humans and domesticated animals, making CBD pet treats a perfect way to offer your pet a way of relief.
All of CBD Zone’s products are legal in the United States. How is this possible? Our CBD is derived from hemp, a form of the cannabis plant. Hemp is legal in all parts of the country, making our CBD legal too.

CBD Zone’s pet treats are a great way to let your pet, elderly or not, know you care. If your pet is known to suffer from seizures, separation anxiety, or pain, CBD pet treats are the perfect all-natural solution. Your pet won’t have to suffer any nasty side effects because CBD will not irritate your pet.

Check out our selection of CBD pet treats and pick out the one that is right for your animal companion today.

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