Cannabinoid Canine: CBD Can Help Your Dog

There has been much made of the recent revelations of health benefits in cannabis. Over twenty states now offer some legal means for acquiring cannabis products–like cannabidiol–for the treatment of a variety of disorders in humans. Most famously useful for cancer patients and those suffering from intractable seizures, there are a number of less-publicized benefits attributed to cannabis-derived medicines, some of which don’t get quite the news coverage they deserve.

One of the main benefits of cannabis products is in the fighting of anxiety and depression. While prescription choices like Zoloft are the go-to for medical professionals across the country, uncomfortable and awkward side effects–like suicidal thoughts–make these a still-imperfect solution to the rising problem of anxiety and depression disorders in the Western world.

And it’s not just the people who are suffering from these disorders. Our dogs, too, often show signs of suffering from anxiety or depression, as strange as that might sound to the uninitiated.

And while there do exist plenty of traditional prescription treatments for a depressed dog, the new wave of interest in cannabinoids as treatments for depressive and anxious disorders has led to the introduction of new cannabis-infused dog treats. Get your dog stoned, the logic goes, and he’ll be a happier puppy than before.

The company is called CBD Zone, and their founder, Lica Cicetti, Psy.D. LMHC, BE, leads a passionate group of PhD’s in Florida who have been putting several new CBD products on the market. One of the newest being CBD Pet Jerky for Dogs and Cats. “the treats are made with high quality Pharma Grade CBD (Cannabidiol) and have a host of benefits for your pets” says Lisa.

Among the many benefits reported, top of that list were a reduction in depressive behavior, a lessening of separation anxiety, improved digestion, and a reduction of inflammation wherever it was present. Lisa noted that there is a significant resistance on the part of pet owners, some of whom see using CBD-based treats as giving their dogs marijuana. She’s had to explain to customers that this is the same stuff used to prevent seizures in children, and violent episodes in PTSD sufferers, specifically veterans.

But as people learn that CBD is not just ‘weed,’ most are more than willing to give the product a try. So far, according to Lisa, the reception has been all-around excellent, with most pet owners overjoyed at the effects they find from giving their dogs these cannabidiol-infused treats.

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